Team Gun Blogger was created to help introduce new gun owners to the benefits of daily carry, competitive practical shooting, firearms training, and regular shooting practice.

  • We are committed to getting the millions of new gun owners out to the range and encouraging their safe use of guns in competition, training and practice.
  • We embrace “new media” because we are new media: We love guns and shooting so much, we write about them in our spare time.
  • We are a group effort. We want to shorten the decision loop for new gun owners by giving them a variety of options to consider on one site, rather than forcing them to run all over the web looking for reviews and ‘œthe basics’ of shooting.
  • We write about what we shoot. We don’t try to come off as experts on guns or sports we know nothing about.
  • We write about what it’s like to own a gun, not just briefly shoot 200 rounds through it and ship it back to the manufacturer.
  • We believe that the practical shooting sports are an essential element of safely owning and carrying a personal defense firearm.

Team Gun Blogger is a collaboration of Arizona gun bloggers and guest writers.

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