Do You See The Light?

Published August 11, 2021 by
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best tactical flashlight

I put a lot of effort into this post about what makes the best tactical flashlight over at my day job. To the best of my knowledge, there really wasn’t any independent, third-party test of what a common tactical flashlight actually can or can’t do until I published this piece last month. I tested things like stated lumen output, runtime, water resistance along with stuff that doesn’t usually get compared, such as candela and running temperature.

Plus I tested just how “blinding” the “blinding” output of a tactical flashlight really is, and I gotta be honest, the result surprised me a bit.

Look, a concealed carry gun solves one problem: It projects lethal force at a distance. That’s it. It’s true that even the threat of such a thing can solve other self-defense problems, but those other problems must also involve lethal force, or else you’ve put yourself behind one heck of a legal eight ball*.

Carrying a gun is great, but have other options as well, such as pepper spray and a bright flashlight. We face a variety of problems out there in the cold, harsh world, so it stands to reason we should have a variety of solutions to that variety of problems.

* You know the drill. Not a lawyer, not legal advice, yada yada yada.