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Boker assisted openingWith all the endless varieties and kinds of knives out there, you’d think that someone would have made something specifically designed as an off-hand carry knife for people who carry a CCW gun on the strong side. 

And you’d be wrong. 

All I want is a knife that’s…

  • Small, so it doesn’t take up a lot of room in the pocket, yet have a decent blade (2.5″+) blade length.
  • Inconspicuous, so it doesn’t scream “Hey, I have a REALLY SCARY KNIFE ON ME!!!” (I work in an office).
  • Tip down carry, or ideally, reversible for strong or weak hand carry.
  • Assisted opening or something similar so I can get it into action if my other hand is on my sidearm. 
  • Cheap-ish, so if I lose it, I’m not out $100+. 

Right now, as part of the four things you should carry every day besides your carry gun, I have a Boker AK74 on me. The Boker is 3 1/2 of those 5 items (it’s a tip up, and is a tad bigger than I like), but it’s not quite what I want in a backup knife, and neither is the CRKT Pazoda I carried before that. I want something that I can get into play rightthisverysecond if someone tries to grab my sidearm and will help convince said person that trying to grab my gun was a very bad idea. 

I know a knife like that is out there somewheres, and if you’ve seen something like that, leave a link in the comments. 


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