The Top Ten Things NOT To Say After A Defensive Gun Use

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From the home office in Paulden, Arizona, the Top Ten things not to say to the cops when they show up.

10: TWO ALPHA!!! 

9:  Am I gonna be on “COPS” ? 

8: Y’know, officer, if you’d been doing YOUR job…

7:  Know a good taxidermist? 

6:  You say “excessive use of force” like it’s a bad thing. 

5:  Gosh, officer, the gun just went off by itself. 14 times. 

4:  What a tight group! I’ve NEVER shot that well sober!

3:  Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges

2:  That… was…. AWESOME!!!

And the #1 thing NOT to say after a defensive gun use… 

“Help me bury him in the backyard with the rest.” 

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Oops! This is What Happens When you Follow Biden’s Self-Defense Advice

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A demonstration of the fatal problem with V.P. Joe Biden’s dangerous self defense advice.

Team GunBlogger’s advice? Don’t take self-defense (or any other) advice from Joe Biden.


Video credit: Practical Pistol competitor, Brian Ehrler